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International Cycling Safety Conference

The International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC) is an annual conference covering the subject of cycling safety in a broad perspective. In 2020-2021, it was co-hosted by Lund University together with the Swedish Cycling Research Centre (VTI). Despite the last moment conversion of the conference into an online event, it went very successfully and consequently a representative from our research group was offered a position in the ICSC Steering Committee.

The ICSC topics usually include:

  • Causation and prevention of cycling accidents and injuries
  • Safe cycling infrastructure
  • Safe bicycles
  • Motor vehicles safe for cyclists
  • Protective devices to increase cycling safety
  • Safety-related behaviour and attitudes of cyclists and towards cyclists
  • Research methods: observation and naturalistic studies
  • Research methods: surrogate measures of safety
  • Research methods: cycling and driving simulators
  • Safety of pedelecs and S-pedelecs
  • Single bicycle accidents
  • Education and cycling safety
  • Regulations and standards for safe cycling
  • Planning and policies for safe cycling
  • Safe interaction between cyclists and automated vehicles
  • Small vehicles for personal mobility (electric scooters, etc.)

The proceedings of the 2020-21 conference in Lund can be found here.

The next ICSC 2022 conference will be held in Dresden, Germany. The conference web-page can be found here.

Conference hosts:

  • Transport & Roads, Lund University
  • Swedish Cycling Research Centre (VTI)

Special sessions:

  • Cycling in Corona time
  • Components of a safety system for cycling

Keynote speakers

  • Marco te Brömmelstroet (Netherlands)
  • Torkel Bjørnskau (Norway)

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