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Associations and networks

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The Climate and Transition Council

  • Joachim Peter Tilsted, member

Institute for degrowth studies

  • Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, member

International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety

  • Aliaksei Laureshyn, member of the Steering Committe & co-ordinator of Sub-Committee on Surrogate Measures of Safety
  • Carmelo D'Agostino, co-ordinator of Nordic Traffic Safety Academy (NTSA) sub-committee

Nordic Collaborative Network for Surveying Research and Education

  • Riikka Kyrö, contact person for Real Estate Science

Nordic Road Association (NVF)

  • Aliaksei Laureshyn, member of the Swedish branch Steering Committee & working group on Road Safety
  • Joacim Lundberg, member of working group on Air Quality

SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre

  • Transport and Roads division, partner

Swedish Association of Transportation Planners

  • Aliaksei Laureshyn, member

Swedish Cycling Research Centre

  • Aliaksei Laureshyn, member of senior reserachers network Oksana
  • Yastremska-Kravchenko, member of PhD students network

Transportation Research Board

  • Aliaksei Laureshyn, member of Sub-Committee on Surrogate Measures of Safety
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