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Doctoral studies

The doctoral education in the subject Technology and Society provides skills necessary for conducting independent research, a deep understanding of the subject area, and the ability to teach others.

We treat doctoral students as employees. There is no recurring doctoral program, which means that a new doctoral position can only be advertised in connection to a larger research project granted to the department that can cover the costs. Alternatively, the doctoral student can come up with own funding from his/her current employer (and become a so-called industrial doctoral student).


The doctoral education corresponds to four years of full-time study. The education consists of courses and thesis writing. The thesis usually includes several scientific articles and the overview chapter (sw. kappa) in which the work is placed in a broader perspective within the subject area. It is possible, although less common, to write the thesis as a monograph. In addition to their studies, doctoral students are usually offered some form of department duties, such as teaching and similar activities, up to 20% of the time.

Feel free to contact the director of doctoral studies if you have further questions.

PhD studies at LTH, Faculty of Engineering

More information about what it means to undertake PhD education at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH.

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