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CIRcular Real Estate

The CIRcular Real Estate (CIRRE) research group is focused on circular economy in the real estate and construction industry. We are particularly interested in ways to optimize the use of our existing building stock, through different circular solutions such as sharing and adaptive reuse.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has further brought about the need to better understand the role of emerging virtual and hybrid solutions in the real estate sector.

Our research is transdisciplinary, and we prefer mixed methods, including qualitative analyses and lifecycle assessment. We also engage in future studies methods to explore what circularity could look like in the real estate and construction industry in the years to come. Through our case studies, we collaborate with public, private, and third sector actors to maximize the societal gain of our findings.

Our research interests comprise:

  • Circular economy in the built environment
  • Social circular economy
  • Shared, virtual and hybrid spaces
  • Workplace management and the future of work
  • Locational and functional obsolescence
  • Adaptability, flexibility, and modularity

The group is active in the LTH Profile area Circular Building Sector (link). We also collaborate closely with the Future Real Estate group of Aalto University in Finland. 

The group is responsible for two courses (links open on the LTH course website):


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