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Policy & Governance

A transition to sustainable energy and transport systems requires political decisions at global, national, regional, and local levels. How policies are designed is important for an effective and efficient development of a low carbon society, but also has an impact on issues such as economic distribution, industrial competitiveness, and energy security.

These issues are politically important in their own right but are also crucial to take into account in order to make the low carbon transition acceptable throughout society and politically feasible.

Our research deals with several aspects of this research area. The role of specific policy instruments and policy packages is analysed both in general terms and from different sector perspectives. Policy effectiveness, public attitudes and political feasibility are important factors being studied, as well as conflicts and synergies. Potential solutions to main policy challenges are identified. On a broader level questions of power and governance are studied in order to understand how different actors in society seek to influence decisions, and which direction the transition will take.

    This research area addresses the following topics: 

    • Politics, governance and institutional design
    • Policy implementation and policy effectiveness
    • Goal conflicts and synergies


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