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Environmental and Energy Systems Studies

The division of Environmental and Energy Systems Studies is a part of the Department of Technology and Society at LTH, Lund University.

The Division of Environmental and Energy System Studies is an interdisciplinary research group with roots from the “Environmental program” established at Lund University in 1969. In 1987 we became our own Department and in 2000 we became a division within the larger Department of Technology and Society.

The research began with critical energy systems studies in the 1970s of the then supply-oriented and fossil- and nuclear dominated energy systems in Sweden and the world. Today, we mainly do interdisciplinary energy systems research from both a technical and policy perspective with a focus on climate driven transitions. The research can be group into five main categories.

  • From fossil to bio-based energy systems
  • The climate transition of energy-intensive industry and it´s role in the energy system
  • Politics and governance of transitions
  • Resource and security issues from a supply chain perspective and a climate transition
  • Studies of sustainable futures

The research is conducted by approximately 15 senior researchers and 10 PhD students.

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