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VR Traffic Safety Hub


Will an autonomous vehicle hit a distracted pedestrian looking at its phone at a crossroad? How can we prevent a collision between an e-scooter and an e-bike? The introduction of smart and sustainable mobility solutions poses this type of new challenges when it comes to safety.  Simulation and virtual reality offer some unique opportunities for understanding traffic behavior in relation to traffic safety which can allow us to better answer such questions.

This research focuses on investigating the safety issues of sustainable transportation means using traffic simulation in virtual reality by allowing people to experience situations which in reality would have been dangerous or to experience how future technology might help to avoid such situations.

VR Hub on Traffic Safety and integration at LTH

In addition to the research at Transport and Roads, we also cooperate on simulation and VR research with the Fire Safety Engineering DivisionDepartment of Design Sciences and the Division of Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology.

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