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AI and Society

This is a highly interdisciplinary research group that focuses on issues of trust and transparency for autonomous and AI-driven technologies from societal, human and governance perspectives.

The studies are found in the intersection of data-dependent and often predictive AI-technologies, society or social structures, and law or other modes of governance.

Main projects include:

  • AI Transparency and Consumer Trust (2020-2024), funded by WASP-HS, managed in collaboration with Fredrik Heintz, professor in computer science at Linköping University.
  • AIR Lund (2018-2024), a medical AI research programme funded by the Swedish Research Council.
  • MASAI (2021-2025), a project on AI-assisted mammography screening funded by the Swedish Cancer Society and RCC, Regionala Cancercenter i samverkan.
  • The Automated Administration. ADM Governance in the public sector (2022-2026), a Swedish-Finnish research collaboration funded by the Future Challenges in the Nordics.


The group is involved in the field of social robotics in a collaboration with the Uppsala social robotics lab. Furthermore, it is engaged in research networks like the ADM Nordics and AI Lund.

The group is also active in the 7.5 credits course Smart City Governance – AI Ethics in a Spatial Context.

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