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Smart City Governance: AI Ethics in a Spatial Context

This freestanding course is combined with students from three different civic engineering programs (data, land surveying and ICT) with students from the architectural program (VFTN75).

This adds to the interdisciplinary perspectives in the course, addressing the use of data-collecting technologies and AI-systems from the perspectives of ethics, society and law. 

By looking at concrete and mainly international cases of so-called smart cities, including the deployment of applications such as facial recognition or how "the city as a platform" has had an impact in urban planning, knowledge can in this course be gained about what interests need to be balanced and what level of governance is reasonable for managing use of AI and data collecting technologies in an urban context. 

Course code

TFRP60 Smart City Governance: AI Ethics in a Spatial Context


Stefan Larsson
Senior Lecturer, Real Estate Science


Sidansvarig: webbansvarig@tos.lth.se | 2023-09-05